Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Changing Lifestyles - The Generation that is Always on the Move

Who doesn’t want to live life kingsize? I know I do! But damn the sad irony of life, the luxuries a king can enjoy I surely can’t afford, atleast not with my limited paycheck, along with loads of monthly bills and house rent to pay, not to forget the weekends of partying I love. Yes, saving is necessary but what’s wrong in living life to the fullest?

Happiness Costs Money!

To add to the insult, my social media feeds are bombarded with swish celebrity house d├ęcor news, swanky home interior ideas by furniture stores, and friends who buy bikes and just cannot resist showing it off to the world!


Managing Money In The Bank Is No Joke!

Practically speaking, I surely can afford a bike, or buy appliances and fancy trinkets off the supermarket shelves, but that’s just not my way of spending my hard-earned moolah! I absolutely dread the idea of spending a good load of cash on things that I fancy one day, and then wake up the next morning regretting my buying decision! Same goes for being crushed under a bike loan!

Come to think of it, when it comes to our dreams of living the good life and counting the available cash, the struggle is way too real!

I want to be someone who’s always on the move, you know, just getting in and out of the latest trends, owning my own smart conveyance to work, setting up a home that is just as individualistic in personality as I am. I’m no homebody, but I love to have my friends over now and then. And it would be pretty neat if I get showered with compliments for living a good life once in a while!


Gone are our parents’ days when a house was just a few pieces of furniture and basic appliances that we’ve been seeing since the day we were born and probably our kids will too. No offence, please!

Time has changed, and so have we.There’s no need to wake up every morning for the rest of our days amidst the same old things. We need to be on the go, and when we go, so does everything we have, bike, fridge, furniture, etc.!

We don’t have to own stuff anymore, we need to #SmartlyOwn them! It’s all about the age-old Rent vs Buy decision. And trust me on this; renting makes so much more sense nowadays!

The new buzzword in town is #SubscriptionLifestyle and you have got to step on it! You live your life king-size every single day, but there is no burden of ownership, cause now you’re a smart consumer by affording it all on a budget-friendly rent!