Saturday, 24 October 2015

Embracing Life

          Life is beautiful. You must've heard this sentence a million times! But think about it, isn't it really beautiful? It is beautiful in its unpredictability. The biggest & most interesting film you’d ever watch is your own life with the added masala of happiness, sadness and surprises that come in a package like a typical Bollywood movie. All the emotions & suspense is what makes life vibrant & worth-enjoying rather than just living.
           In our life, as I said many surprises amaze or startle us. Some come knocking at our doors while some come unannounced and uninvited. Some make us little happy and some make us little sad. Some give us a feeling of being on Cloud 9 whereas others shatter our world and dreams into pieces. We celebrate as lavishly and loudly as possible, when a huge happiness comes in our way. We grieve our hearts and souls out when our world comes crashing down.  The little joys and little disappointments are very much vital, but are often sidetracked.
          So, I’ve decided to treat them important because they are responsible for lighting up our heart; even though it might be for a minute, an hour or a day. Thanks to those small disappointments & failures, for teaching us a small lesson & helping us to bounce back stronger. So whenever a small joy, compliment, sadness or even a failure come looking for me, I’ll be ready to embrace them with a smile and a plate of my much deserved McCain Snacks.  From henceforth, the delicious hot plate of McCain snacks will be with me to witness my happiness, sadness & failures. It will also see me busy getting stronger, with the each experience that comes crawling, walking or running towards me.

          A food for thought (Or you can say a McCain Snack for thought) - What’s life without the blend of all unpredictability and emotions? We Indians can’t eat anything that tastes bland, so why ignore the spiciness life has to offer us? Every aspect of life should be accepted wholeheartedly, be it with a grand celebration or a plate of your favourite & much deserved McCain Snacks.

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